Welcome to Mount St. Rita Health Centre


In the spirit of Catherine McAuley we extend mercy and hospitality to all who enter here.

Mount St. Rita Health Centre is licensed by Medicare and Medicaid to provide post-hospital rehabilitation and long-term care. In operation since 1971, the Health Centre was established as a retirement home for Sisters of Mercy. By 1989 federal and state reimbursement was in place and the facility was serving all persons.  Mount St. Rita Health Centre does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, or religion in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment, or on the basis of sex in its health programs and activities.

Today, Mount St. Rita is a vibrant health care facility that includes Mercy Rehabilitation, which provides post-hospital rehabilitation and successfully returns individuals to independence. Whether you are recovering from a fracture, joint replacement, stroke, bypass surgery, pulmonary disease, or any illness with a qualified Medicare hospital stay, our Mercy Rehabilitation focuses on getting you home.

The Health Centre is situated atop the hill on Sumner Brown Road in the northeast community of Cumberland. Set among 240 acres of rolling hills, wooded glades, and colorful gardens, the three-story brick building offers our patients and residents the beauties of the rural countryside.





PHONE: 401-333-6352

FAX: 401-334-4274