Additional Care & Services

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Recreational Therapy

At St. André Health Care, we make it our business to know what keeps our residents feeling young at heart. Camping trips and Sea Dogs baseball games, dining out, shopping excursions, gardening and other activities are all planned by our therapeutic recreation professionals to promote both wellness and fun.
Residents at St. André are given an opportunity for “vacation” each year. Camp Waban on the shores of Bauneg Beg Lake in Sanford, Maine is a fully accessible site that serves the needs of our residents. Residents have the option of day trips or overnight stays. Each day dawns with the opportunity for boat rides, fishing, barbecues and closes with a relaxing, lakeside campfire and s’mores.
One of the few long-term care organizations to offer the program, St. André staff members often comment that the experience affords the opportunity to get to know our residents on a different level.

Physician Services

In addition to individualized care plans, all residents enjoy healthcare services offered through our relationship with Mature Care, a service of the University of New England.

Social Services

Our social services specialists offer thorough orientation and ongoing support for patients, residents, and their families. As one of Maine’s leading short- and long-term care facilities, we have built an extensive network of support with community resources. From compassionate advice and support to education and advocacy, we are here to help you and your loved ones get the care you deserve.
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Reasons to Choose Mount St. Rita

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